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What Exactly Is JavaScript?

JavaScript, is a scripting language used to enable programmatic access to the web browser

and provide enhanced user interfaces and dynamic web sites. It can be used on its own, or

with HTML 5.

Are JavaScript and Java the Same?

No, they are two completely different computer languages. Only their names are similar.

If you want to learn about Java instead, we have a whole other resource section on java.

What Do I Need to Run JavaScript?

JavaScript support is built right into all the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer,

Firefox and Safari. Provided that the visitors to your site are using web browsers that support

JavaScript (most do) and have JavaScript enabled (it is by default), then your JavaScript will

run when they visit the page.

Do I Need to Learn Javascript to Be Able to Use It?

No. There are plenty of pre-written JavaScripts that people have made available for you to

plug straight into your web page. All you need to know to be able to use such scripts is how

to paste  the supplied code into the required places in your web page.

What Do I Need to Write JavaScript?

JavaScript is an interpreted language, so no special program is required to create usable code.

Any plain text editor such as Notepad (one of the Accessories that comes in Windows) is quite satisfactory for being able to write JavaScript. That said, an editor that colorizes the code to

make it easier to see what is what makes it easier to find your mistakes.